12 Stationen von der Treib über Seelisberg zum Rütli

  1. Treib pier: Information
  2. Haus zur Treib: Treib as the historical meeting place for the Federal Diet of Switzerland, with a radio play
  3. TSB lower station: Stories of the railway and tourism, part 1
  4. TSB railway car: Questions answered by the history tour
  5. TSB upper station: Stories of the railway and tourism, part 2
  6. Station square: Information and jumbo Concentration game
  7. Schibenboden: Five visual experiences of the Rütli, Wilhelm Tell and the Gotthard
  8. Schiller's balcony: Three views of the Rütli
  9. Sonnenberg pavilion: What makes Seelisberg special: four famous guests tell their stories
  10. Marienhöhe: Charles Giron's picture in the National Council chamber
  11. Path to the Rütli: Philosophical reflections on Switzerland not quite carved in stone
  12. Rütli: Information

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Ship from Brunnen, Lucerne or Flüelen

PostBus (line 311) from Stans

On foot (Path of Switzerland, Via Urschweiz)

By bike or car


Possible from all stations

Tour suggestion

Start at the upper station of the Treib-Seelisberg-Bahn (TSB) (station 6). Walk along the Path of Switzerland through the village to the Marienhöhe (station 10) with a slight incline at the beginning. Then walk back the way you came, and, before you reach station 9 (Sonnenberg pavilion), zig zag down to the Rütli. Take a ship via Brunnen back to Treib, returning via funicular to the station square.

(Tour tickets available at the ticket counter of the Treib-Seelisberg-Bahn.)

Walking time

The whole route takes approx. half a day (hiking time 2 hours). The village stations (stations 5-10) are pram and wheelchair accessible.